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Gathering Nuts…In Beantown

Grey Squirrel in Boston Commons

A Beautiful Autumn Day in Boston

Spending several hours strolling through the Boston Commons during the late afternoon in Autumn can make you completely forget your woes. It helped that I was surrounded by dozens of Grey Squirrels who entertained me endlessly. Be cautious, they are not very timid and will definitely approach you as long as you’re patient. So I found a place to sit on the dying grass, amongst the colorful leaves, and waited…

Fun Fact: Squirrels hide their nuts in small caches for later recovery. They keep over 1000 hiding spots and remember every single one of them; if only I could hire a squirrel to organize my photographs 🙂


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NYCity PJ ClarkesWe were visiting a good friend on the corner 3rd Ave and E53rd Street, staying on the 24th floor. I couldn’t pull myself away from the window. Something about the New York City skyline, it makes you feel very small. Connected, but small…

I took this with my phone. It’s a shame. I must enforce my own rule “Always have a (decent) camera on hand!” I will make a point to return to this very spot, this time prepared.

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She looks like a goddess!

There’s something so very special about seeing my best friend, Danielle, 8 months pregnant. Maybe it’s because she and I grew up together, meeting in the 2nd grade at Ecole du Carrefour in Halifax, Nova-Scotia and we have remained close throughout the years. So when I found out several months ago that she and Craig were expecting a baby, I knew I couldn’t let the opportunity pass – I had to make the trip from NYC to Halifax to see her in all her glory!

Danielle is the kind of friend you want to have in your corner. As a child, she always stood up for me. As an adult, she still never lets me down. She was the Maid of Honor at my wedding, spending over a day traveling by plane from Halifax to Hawaii just to be by my side. I told Danielle this past week that her friendship means the world to me and that as we continue to live life’s most meaningful experiences, having her in my life becomes that much more important and cherished.

I cannot wait to meet this little boy when he is due to enter this world in early December…December 6th to be exact, the very same day I met my husband, Jon!

I love you, Danielle xoxo

I must thank Liam Hennessey @ Applehead Studio in Halifax (www.appleheadstudio.com)  for allowing us to use his studio.

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