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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my sister-in-law, Meghan, decided she’d like to create a photo album of her new daughter, Liliana. Meghan, who lives in Virginia with Liliana, wanted to offer this album to our Grandma, Carol, for Christmas. See, Grandma lives in Upstate New York and has not yet had the chance to meet her great grand-daughter who recently turned 10 months old. Fortunately, I’ve had several portrait sessions with this little baby since her birth. So we sat down, Meghan and I, and edited all the pictures that I’ve taken over the past few months and years. After several hours of editing, we had our top 65 pictures.

The best advice came from my step-brother-in-law, Matt, when he suggested that we use iPhoto to create our photo album. Having considered the cost of printing these images on our own and buying a separate photo album it really did make sense financially to have iPhoto make the book for us. So with a few drags and drops, our book was ready to be shipped!

I cannot wait to see Grandma’s reaction…a REAL book with pictures of her family?!? A dust jacket, hardcover and over 30 pages of family moments! I am already planning to have my point and shoot at my side so I can record her opening her gift. (She still gushes about the scarf I knit her 4 years ago that matches her winter jacket “perfectly”, and in my opinion, this album knocks the socks off that scarf!)

By the way, our Grandma is 88 years old, sharp as a tack with the memory of an elephant! This is going to be priceless!


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