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Test With Nate




Back in the fall of 2009, I had the opportunity to shoot Nate, a model from Covermodels Management, based in Ottawa, Ontario.

From the very moment Nate contacted me, I could tell he truly was a professional. He had his own ideas to bring to the table, all the while allowing me the freedom to be creative and test lighting situations that I had not yet been able to test.

I know that Nate has been already been very successful in NYC and am glad I had the chance to meet with him. Good luck, Nate!


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Inspiration Comes In Many Forms

Jonathan Assisting Me During a Shoot

Today, I received a comment on a past blog post from a very kind friend, Hillary. Her comment made me realize that I had let life interrupt my posting! Over a month and a half without a single moment spent thinking about what I found inspiring or relevant…that is far too long…

I sit here, in my living room with my husband, Jon. He is busy making us strawberries & raspberries dipped in dark chocolate (they are in the fridge, cooling) and has moved on to whipping up delicious hot cocoas. This is our intermission: we’re watching Julie & Julia…

The movie is now over, my cheeks are stained with salty tears, the kind that make your heart feel light. I am encouraged to continue pursuing my passion and am ever so grateful to have such a supportive husband, who would never let me get away with NOT pursuing it šŸ˜‰

A comment left on my blog and an Oscar nominated movie, 2 wonderful remindersĀ of what is important to me.

PS. Julie lived in Long Island City…as do I!

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