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How do you make pregnancy look so good?

It all started a few months ago…I’ve worked with Sean in Suite 201 for over 2 years and one day he mentioned that he and his lovely wife, Colleen, were expecting their first child. This was announced at the very moment that I was building up the courage to not just talk about wanting to photograph pregnant women – I wanted to do it. It seemed like a safe place to be: Sean and Colleen are both photographers, they would understand my lack of experience and be dazzled by my eagerness to learn.

Colleen and I began exchanging emails, both offering ideas of what we thought the final product should look like. This process was a very big learning experience. Colleen pushed me to think outside of what was safe, conventional…maybe even boring? From those emails, I can say that my entire vision has been affected. When I become the photographer that I dream of becoming, I will have Colleen to thank for pushing me further than I was willing to push.

We shot this past Saturday for a few hours and several set changes. Sean was there and he offered his assistance when I asked (he also knows exactly what to say to his wife to make her smile!) but he never made me feel like I was in desperate need of guidance. I think sometimes we don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve and that it a huge lesson for me.

Colleen and Sean, I don’t know if you realize how blessed I feel to have been part of this experience. I cannot thank you enough. As for the shots we got, I think they speak for themselves…Colleen is simply stunning! I can’t wait to meet your little boy…


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