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On a gorgeous day in Spring, I met with Jillian and John in Central Park to spend a few hours taking photos. Jillian, who is due at the end of June, is a great friend of Colleen‘s; how special that their children will be born only 1 month apart.

When we had first discussed the location, John had mentioned that it would be nice to shoot something near the Bethesda Fountain. Unfortunately, when my husband and I went to the park the previous week to scout other possibilities, we discovered that the fountain was undergoing a few renovations…

We had a lovely afternoon, stopping here and there. I did learn a valuable lesson – it can prove to be challenging for a mama-to-be to spend a day in a park, especially when that park is in full bloom! Achoo!

Looking forward to meeting the newest addition xoxo


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Zadia Gazing at Daddy

Enjoying Mom's Finger


Such Slender Limbs

All Dolled Up!

When Zadia was only 8 days old, I went to Dominique’s place to capture a few shots of the new family. Zadia is such a tiny little girl and you can tell that Dominique and her husband, Aeran, are so completely in love with her.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of being a part of such intimate moments in people’s lives…I’m still tickled pink. Congratulations to the new parents, you’re doing a beautiful job! xoxo

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