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I’m Pregnant!

I’m a little disappointed in myself and my lack of posting over the last few months. However, I guess I have a *little* excuse: I am expecting my very own little bundle of joy! And it’s surprising how much time one can spend daydreaming about the future, researching every little item that the wee one will be using, and enjoying life as it is before the BIG change.

Our little man is due on December 25, 2010. What a present! That means that I have 2 months left of this pregnancy and I plan on taking it one day at a time. I’m trying not to get too caught up in counting down the days/weeks until Elliott’s arrival…Instead, I’m appreciating every little kick to the ribs, knowing that I will only have the experience of being pregnant for the 1st time once in my life.

A warning for my baby: he won’t be able to escape the lens of my camera! What a wonderful opportunity to have a live-in model 😉

Jon and I went on our Babymoon (great excuse to have some alone time!) back in September and my gorgeous husband took this picture of me, I was 27 weeks pregnant…Thanks babe! xoxo


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