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While we were staying at the camp on Skaneateles Lake in Upstate New York last weekend, we were without a bath tub. Then it dawned on me that Elliott has never taken a bath in a sink! A must for all babies! Fortunately for Elliott, this sink is huge. Unfortunately, it’s also made of solid stone. Can you spot the spot?


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It is a rare occasion that we are able to get all 4 generations of Jon’s family together. Though I know of families with greater distances that separate them, once you involve any Great-Grandparent, the chances that you will find yourselves all sitting around the kitchen table for the evening become less and less likely. Unless you make it happen.

And we made it happen.

I’m currently working on a fusion video (combining stills/video/audio) and cannot wait to present it to all of Jon’s (and my) family.

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After a trip to the Pediatrician’s today for a well-baby check-up, Elliott’s Dr recommended we add a few protein-filled snacks to his diet. Her first suggestions were yogurt and cheese. And though Elliott had tested positive to a dairy allergy a few months ago, I continue to include dairy in my diet and it hasn’t had any impact on his health (he’s still nursing). I also understand that cheese and yogurt are very different from cow’s milk when it comes to dairy allergies and intolerances.

We went home and gave him one spoonful of Fage…

*I’ve been meaning to write about my love for Fage Greek Yogurt. If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life, this yogurt would be it. I have it every morning with berries, honey and cereal, I use it on burritos and baked potatoes. With no fat, no cholesterol and tons of protein, this velvety smooth greek yogurt is wonderful. Makes me feel sorry for sour cream…*

I gave him one spoonful of yogurt mixed with fruit. He really liked it. 10 mins later, we noticed red hives around his mouth, but he often reacts to random things and we had just been at the grocery store so I hoped it was not related to the yogurt. 3 mins later, we hear a gagging sound and Elliott empties his entire belly contents onto our hardwood floor. It was violent. Jon and I took care of the situation, cleaned the little tyke up. 3 mins later, it seems Elliott’s belly wasn’t entirely empty…

So it’s confirmed, Elliott won’t be having yogurt and cheese. Now I must find other snacks (he likes tofu, so I guess that’s good) to fill the protein gap. Any suggestions?

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