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I’m excited to introduce a new method of announcing your baby’s arrival: Video Birth Announcements! What a great and unique way to quickly share the love with your friends and family. Printed Birth Announcements require a lot of time, energy and postage to mail out – this is a fabulous time-saving option or a great addition to the traditional birth announcements. Each Baby’s 1st Year Collection client will receive their very own Video Birth Announcement as a bonus item. Hmm, I wonder if these can also work in lieu of  Holiday Cards?! I love finding new ways to delight my clients – enjoy!


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I knew the moment I finished photographing this session that it would become one of my favorites. Emily is such a sweet mom, so gentle and calming. Her little daughter is very lucky to be surrounded by so much love.



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So sorry to have waited so long to post this session but things, fortunately, have been very busy around here! I couldn’t be happier to have met this family…they are such loving people and our 2 year old sons are definitely besties!  I can’t wait to watch their little ones grow up and will follow them on all their adventures. Congratulations on your *newest* addition – she is a doll. Love you guys!Carolyn Clement Photography Carolyn Clement Photography Carolyn Clement PhotographyCarolyn Clement Photography Carolyn Clement PhotographyCarolyn Clement Photography Carolyn Clement PhotographyCarolyn Clement Photography Carolyn Clement Photography Carolyn Clement Photography


To view the entire Newborn Session, click here. If you like what you see, please “Like” my Facebook page!

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Remember Little Man C’s session just a couple months ago? Well I’m proud to present his little sister, Baby K. With a toddler, a newborn and  a feisty chocolate lab, there is no shortage of love and energy in their home!

She was so alert on the day of our shoot, eager to take everything in.

Congratulations to this beautiful family, may you get some rest and enjoy the ride.


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I met Christena and her daughter early one morning while we were at the park. It turns out, that same day was her due date. After playing for a short while in the cold, we made plans for a photo session with the newest member of their family once he or she (a surprise!) joined them.

Last week, I had the pleasure – and I mean honestly, Christena is such a sweet and inviting person, I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend – of photographing her little boy! Baby W. Only 7 days old, he made those perfect little baby cries and blinked with purpose, trying to see the world around him.

I am so honored to have been able to capture these moments in time. A sincere thank you to Christena, Bill, their daughter M. and son W.

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My first week in Manayunk, I met Jennie – one of the sweetest and genuinely nice people I’ve met in a long time. Jennie has a daughter, Olivia (who Elliott just adores!), and on March 18, friends and family gathered at Jennie and Frank’s home to celebrate Olivia’s 1st birthday.

Here are a few photos of the festivities:




Thank you so much for allowing us to share in your special day, Olivia! Happy Birthday to you!

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I know better than to give Elliott foods without checking the list of ingredients – with the many allergies that he has (and that I have), it’s becoming rather automatic. But it only takes one moment of carelessness to remind you of the importance of checking these lists every single time…

Jon had prepared tomato soup for just the two of us while Elliott ate a sandwich for lunch. After Jon left for work, I gave Elliott a few spoonfuls of the soup and didn’t think twice about it. I nursed Elliott for a short while and once we were done, I almost immediately noticed that his breathing sounded congested. His face became very red and I knew something was wrong. I found the discarded soup container and as I had feared in those brief seconds, the package said “contains milk”. I tried to give him a dose of Benadryl but with his dislike for that medicine and the mucous that was covering his mouth and throat, it was nearly impossible for me to give it to him successfully. I looked at our food action plan posted on the fridge and called 911.

Dialing 911 and knowing that I was most likely going to have to administer the Epipen Jr was so frightening. Elliott was gagging, trying hard to get a air in and out of his lungs. I thought he would vomit but instead, a large amount of thick mucous came pouring from his little mouth. The moment I told the 911 operator what had happened, that Elliott’s breathing was beginning to be compromised, she confirmed what I already knew – Elliott was experiencing Anaphylactic shock – I had to inject my little guy with his Epipen.

I laid him in between my legs on the floor, removed the Epipen from it’s plastic case and took out the blue safety-release cap. I was crying at this point, everything was happening so quickly and with such urgency. And while I’ve practiced with the dummy injector numerous times before and knew exactly how to use it,  I was concerned that I would somehow miss his little thigh muscle. With the operator in my ear, giving me the much needed support to save my baby, I injected the epinephrine into Elliott with one quick and strong motion. I held it there for at least 20 seconds while he cried to be released…

We were brought to the hospital by ambulance and during the next 10 minutes after giving him the shot, Elliott’s color returned and his breathing improved dramatically. Jon met us in the ER just seconds after we arrived. Once they observed him for the 4 hours, we were able to be discharged with orders to continue giving him daily doses of steroids and Benadryl during the next 3 days.

Elliott is sleeping soundly right now. Everyone tells me I did exactly what needed to be done. And though it kills me to know I could have prevented this entire situation, I feel comfort in knowing that I reacted with clarity and without hesitation as soon as it all began.

Even if it’s the 10th, 100th or 1000th time I’ve read the same ingredient list of any product, I will be reminded of this situation and will read it for the 1001st time…

Elliott will be wearing these AllerMates awareness bracelets as soon as they will fit onto his little wrists (around 2 years of age).

AllerMates Bracelets Bring Attention To Your Child's Allergies


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