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Happy Halloween to all the monsters and goblins out there! We had so much fun trick or treating with our friends tonight and our toddlers stayed strong til the end!…Here are some of the highlights!

Seeing our pal Jack for the first time in a couple days…Elliott missed him tons!

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I have to make this brief but I really wanted to share these…I love discovering a new place where Elliott can run around and I don’t need to constantly tell him “no” – Don’t Touch, Get Down…The Morris Arboretum is perfect for us; this place is HUGE.

We spent at least 3 hours just wandering from one exhibit to the next which included The Rose Garden, Out on a Limb and the Garden Railway . Only a couple days later, we returned once more for the Third Thursdays where Eli was able to participate in his very first game of musical chairs.

It’s no secret that Elliott loves trains and now every time he hears me mention the word park he’s convinced we’re going back to the Arboretum to visit his pals Thomas and all the other wonderful toy trains…

Let’s just say that he didn’t want to leave…Don’t worry buddy, we’ll be back soon!

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I was in complete denial the first time it happened…Elliott was barely 18 months old and had just discovered he had the ability to scale the sides of his crib. Freedom was now his. I’d read that often the transition from crib to bed can happen prematurely (and read all the accompanying horror stories of sleepless nights)  but there was no way my son was going to forget that he could climb out. He did so 3 times that first night and fell really hard on his last attempt.

I didn’t want to believe he could do it because that meant addressing the now inevitable – out of concern for his safety, Elliott was ready for a toddler bed. While converting the crib to his new bed was a breeze for Jon, my heart raced when we went shopping for the new sheets and pillow which would officially make this Eli’s big boy bed. I pictured him waking at all hours of the night and never wanting to sleep again! We followed the same bedtime routine, showed him how exciting it was for him to be able to climb in on his own and put him to bed. I closed the door behind me and immediately heard his footsteps coming towards the door. I waited a minute, went in and returned him to his bed. We did this same dance for approximately 20mins, at which point, he fell asleep…

And he slept the entire night. The next day for his nap, we dealt with the tears for 15mins and from that moment on, Elliott’s been sleeping soundly in his new toddler bed. My fears were reasonable, just not necessary. As with so many transitions in life, this one went much more smoothly than I had anticipated. Zzzzzz…

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This past Saturday was a real treat for me. Not only were we invited to celebrate our friend J’s 2nd birthday but since Jon was with me and thus Elliott was looked after, I had the rare opportunity to photograph the party and all of our friends who were in attendance.

What a party it was! Brought to us by the letter J and the number 2, the theme of the day was unmistakable Sesame Street. There were at least 6 different activity stations for the kids: Elmo’s beads and strings kit for jewelry making; Big Bird’s treasure dig filled with bird seed; Abby Cadabby’s magical bubble land; and Ernie and Bert’s rubber-ducky pond…to name a few.

And then came Elmo. Definitely a big deal for our little ones, it was interesting to see whose children couldn’t resist hugging Elmo and those who were more comfortable taking it in from a distance.

Lara put a lot of love, time and effort into making her son’s 2nd birthday a very special day for everyone and she has set the bar high. We enjoyed a great evening with fantastic friends watching our kids play, discover and create together – couldn’t ask for more. Thank you for a wonderful party, Lara!

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These photos were taken back in April…funny how quickly life gets in the way of editing. I’m in the process of compiling decades of photos and videos of my father’s family – Les Clements – to be presented at my grandmother’s 90th birthday in early Fall. While going through my own massive library, I came upon these images and I can’t believe I almost missed them.

If you were to ask me, my older brother or younger sister to think of something that reminds us of our father, we would probably list: wood carving, maple syrup, and the violin. From my earliest memories, my dad has serenaded us at every birthday, many evenings after dinner, and the occasional Saturday/Sunday morning. My father likes to learn songs on his own, so while the sound sometimes resembles the cry of a cat, he loves it, so I love it.

Looking at these moments, seeing my father studying Elliott’s face as he tentatively approaches the violin, makes me choke up just a bit. No matter what happens in life, my son will have no doubt that he was everything to his grandpapa. This is why I choose photography.

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If you are out and about this weekend, there’s a great chance that you’ll run into an Alex’s Lemonade Stand. As members of the Northwest Philadelphia International MOMS Club, we were asked to donate a couple hours of our time to help raise money and awareness for the foundation whose mission is to fight childhood cancer.

For the past few years, Fran O’Donnell, the owner of O’Doodles toy store in Chestnut Hill, has partnered with the MOMS Club and allowed us to set up our station in front of his store. It is with the kindness of local shop owners and hours volunteered by our members that we hope to bring Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation closer to its goal of eradicating childhood cancer.

Please stop by our table on Sunday, June 10 between 12pm-4pm for lemonade, home baked treats and a chance to win a copy of the award winning Alex and the Amazing Lemonade Stand book. O’Doodles recently relocated to 8532 Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill.

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