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Someday, I’ll take better care of you. Until then, a photo of me and my son ❤Me and my little man


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Since we moved to Philly last Spring, the three of us (Jon, Elliott and I) spend our days, evenings and weekends park surfing – alternating between several local parks. One of our favorites has been Gorgas Park, especially on those really warm Summer days because it sits at the top of the ridge and almost always provides park-goers with a refreshing breeze. We also run into lots of friends there, no matter the time of day we visit.

This Saturday, September 15, Gorgas Park will be the place to be when they hold their “Party for the Park” event from 7pm-10pm. As described on the website:

“Celebrate our park in serious style. Enjoy an evening soiree in Gorgas Park that will feature delicious hors d’oeuvres, beer, wine and live music. Dine and mingle among our award-winning gardens and discover what lies ahead for our beloved Gorgas Park.”  

There will be a silent auction and among the terrific bidding items will be a family portrait session + a mounted & laminated print (over $300 value) from Carolyn Clement Photography. And I will also be extending a special offer to all who attend this event.

I’m excited to be a part of this event and hope to see many familiar faces on September 15th. Please come out and show your support for our local park. For tickets and more information, click here.

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While the Los Angeles Kings are celebrating their Stanley Cup win, I am also celebrating a win. I come from a large French-Canadian, hockey-loving family, who participate in an annual hockey pool. This year (I think it’s maybe the 6th?), we were 32 competing for top honors of said hockey pool. The rules are to chose 17 players among the 16 teams that make it to the playoffs. We are awarded 1 point for every goal scored and 1 point each for up to 2 assists. You may use any strategy when selecting your players; just make sure you win the most points by the last night of the playoffs.

Final Results From our Family Hockey Pool

Well, I’m delighted to say that this year, I have finished in 1st Place! And I must thank the Philadelphia Flyers for my win. Out of 32, only 5 of us chose the Flyers’ players to advance while the remaining 27 chose the Penguins. After the very first series, almost all of my competition lost 1/4 of their players. The other teams I chose were the Vancouver Canucks, the San Jose Sharks (bad call), the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils.

The icing on the cake? That I narrowly beat my older brother and lifelong Pittsburg Penguins fan, Paul. Just don’t feel sorry for him, he’s already won twice. 2nd Place is a great consolation to losing to his little sister 😉 Xoxo

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Gathering Nuts…In Beantown

Grey Squirrel in Boston Commons

A Beautiful Autumn Day in Boston

Spending several hours strolling through the Boston Commons during the late afternoon in Autumn can make you completely forget your woes. It helped that I was surrounded by dozens of Grey Squirrels who entertained me endlessly. Be cautious, they are not very timid and will definitely approach you as long as you’re patient. So I found a place to sit on the dying grass, amongst the colorful leaves, and waited…

Fun Fact: Squirrels hide their nuts in small caches for later recovery. They keep over 1000 hiding spots and remember every single one of them; if only I could hire a squirrel to organize my photographs 🙂

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NYCity PJ ClarkesWe were visiting a good friend on the corner 3rd Ave and E53rd Street, staying on the 24th floor. I couldn’t pull myself away from the window. Something about the New York City skyline, it makes you feel very small. Connected, but small…

I took this with my phone. It’s a shame. I must enforce my own rule “Always have a (decent) camera on hand!” I will make a point to return to this very spot, this time prepared.

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