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I met Christena and her daughter early one morning while we were at the park. It turns out, that same day was her due date. After playing for a short while in the cold, we made plans for a photo session with the newest member of their family once he or she (a surprise!) joined them.

Last week, I had the pleasure – and I mean honestly, Christena is such a sweet and inviting person, I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend – of photographing her little boy! Baby W. Only 7 days old, he made those perfect little baby cries and blinked with purpose, trying to see the world around him.

I am so honored to have been able to capture these moments in time. A sincere thank you to Christena, Bill, their daughter M. and son W.


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“If you’re serious about photography, Carolyn, we need to move to New York City”…

And with that, we packed our belongings and drove across the country from San Francisco to Brooklyn back in 2007.

Now, almost 5 years later, I am so excited and proud to announce the launch of my new website carolynclementphotography.com. Over the past several years, I have been given incredible opportunities: From those who hired me without experience; who gave me internships when the competition was so stiff; to my peers who allowed me to fetch coffee and sweep floors for them for the chance to discover new lighting techniques. I thank you all on a professional and personal level for helping me achieve this milestone.

It hasn’t always been easy; I’ve worked my butt off to get to this point. But what I’ve discovered is that the time and effort you put into something eventually rewards you, often when you least expect it.

And so, as excited (and anxious) as I am today to be making my work public, I cannot wait to see where I’ll be in another 5 years…


Carolyn Clement

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It was a very windy day down at the Weehawken Waterfront in New Jersey but that didn’t stop little Ava from having a good time!

I am so pleased with the results of our session. Enjoy!

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While we were staying at the camp on Skaneateles Lake in Upstate New York last weekend, we were without a bath tub. Then it dawned on me that Elliott has never taken a bath in a sink! A must for all babies! Fortunately for Elliott, this sink is huge. Unfortunately, it’s also made of solid stone. Can you spot the spot?

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What a better way to celebrate the beginning of Fall than with a visit to a local family-owned farm? This was an event organized by my Meetup group, NJMM (North Jersey Moms Meetup). And while the weather hasn’t been the best lately, certainly not for farms – mud! – the rain held off long enough for me, Jon and Elliott to enjoy Abma’s Farm located 30mins from our home in Weehawken, NJ.

Petting Zoo



Abma’s Farm has a petting zoo, hayrides, a bakery & market and is a fun place to spend a few hours. Elliott enjoyed seeing all the sheep, goats and ponies and looks forward to one day being able to ride one of those ponies!

Great First Hayride

Towards the end of our visit, while on our hayride, we met a fellow NJMM mom who has a 6 month old son, Ishan…I love how intense babies are when they discover another of their kind…

Hello Friend!

We had a very nice time and will definitely be back again, soon. Thanks for a great day, Abma’s Farm!

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We decided on Saturday that in honor of Summer coming to an end, we should take Elliott to the beach for his very first time. After searching online for beaches near us, we selected Sandy Hook Beach, only 1 hour from our doorstep. We were not disappointed! Sandy Hook is a beautiful barrier peninsula located within view of the Manhattan Skyline and can be reached by ferry in only 30 minutes from Wall Street.

After running a 5k on a well-maintained trail that runs the length of the 6-mile island, we found our way to the white-sand beach and laid down our picnic blanket. I showed Elliott a palm-full of sand, he touched it, cautiously, then tried to eat it…as most babies do. Next we placed his little toes in the sand and he liked that, nice and cool on his chunky feet. Jon and I just watched Eli as he discovered this new stuff called sand and once he seemed bored with it, we strapped on his life jacket and began our next adventure – the ocean.

We already knew that our child enjoys playing in water, whether it’s his bath or the local pools, warm or cold, it doesn’t bother him. But to assume he would be equally comfortable in the ocean was another thing. Jon held Eli, lowered him to where just his toes could touch the sand and in seconds, a wave came in up to Eli’s waist and just as quickly returned out to sea. Elliott smiled. He loved it.

Several waves later, it was time to dry up and humor mommy with a photoshoot…


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While Staying In A Hotel

Let me start with a little background information…

Allergies run in my family. In my case, I have anaphylaxis to peanuts and a plethora of other allergies to food with reactions ranging from mild to more severe. Because my husband also has allergies (and we both have asthma), we decided to bring Elliott to see our Allergist Dr Steven Simonte before starting him on solids, which happened at 6 months, on the dot.

We discovered that Elliott is allergic to Nuts, Peanuts, Eggs and Dairy, and was given an Epipen Jr kit, just in case. I had already eliminated the Nuts and Eggs from my diet (I still nurse my little guy) and had seen a remarkable difference in Eli’s skin – he no longer had red, raised patches of skin and he rediscovered his love for bath-time now that he wasn’t compelled to tear at his delicate skin to relieve the itch.

Now that we are introducing new foods to Eli at the rate of 1 every 4-5 days, it is very important for us that we know exactly what it is that we are giving him. I have been making my own Baby Food when we’re at home since day one and couldn’t do it without the Wholesome Baby Food website. I must visit that site every single day! Never having been great in the kitchen, I love the idea of learning how to cook one ingredient at a time and then trying new combinations. We do tag along with Jon on some of his business trips and for those occasions, we buy Earth’s Best Organic jars of food. So far, we have only had one allergic reaction: Bananas…it’s a shame, too, because they are so darn convenient to prepare!

Elliott’s favorite foods to date are: Sweet Potato & Chicken, Applesauce with Cinnamon, Avocado & Pears. He didn’t really care for the texture of the Steel Cut Oats but I think it’s because I didn’t grind it into a fine enough powder, so we’ll try it again, soon.

I’m hopeful that Eli will outgrow some of his allergies as most children often do. Until then, we will keep a close eye on his skin and belly issues with each new food introduction.

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