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We decided on Saturday that in honor of Summer coming to an end, we should take Elliott to the beach for his very first time. After searching online for beaches near us, we selected Sandy Hook Beach, only 1 hour from our doorstep. We were not disappointed! Sandy Hook is a beautiful barrier peninsula located within view of the Manhattan Skyline and can be reached by ferry in only 30 minutes from Wall Street.

After running a 5k on a well-maintained trail that runs the length of the 6-mile island, we found our way to the white-sand beach and laid down our picnic blanket. I showed Elliott a palm-full of sand, he touched it, cautiously, then tried to eat it…as most babies do. Next we placed his little toes in the sand and he liked that, nice and cool on his chunky feet. Jon and I just watched Eli as he discovered this new stuff called sand and once he seemed bored with it, we strapped on his life jacket and began our next adventure – the ocean.

We already knew that our child enjoys playing in water, whether it’s his bath or the local pools, warm or cold, it doesn’t bother him. But to assume he would be equally comfortable in the ocean was another thing. Jon held Eli, lowered him to where just his toes could touch the sand and in seconds, a wave came in up to Eli’s waist and just as quickly returned out to sea. Elliott smiled. He loved it.

Several waves later, it was time to dry up and humor mommy with a photoshoot…



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